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Introduction to Private and Semi-Private Lessons

These lessons work a bit differently from our group lessons. The main difference is that you as a skater or a parent of a skater are responsible for finding your own coach and arranging scheduling and payment with them. Please see a list of coaches below that we recommend. The coaches on the list below regularly teach skating programs at CSLFSC and are certified by SkateCanada. The fees associated with each coach can differ based on a number of factors such as experience, level, age, etc...

It is best to select the session you would like to skate on in consultation with your chosen coach to make sure they have available time on that session. 

There is a fee for each session you choose to skate on; please see the schedule and pricing below.

Junior Sessions are open to skaters that have not passed any STARSkate assessment (CanSkate badges do not count as a STARSkate assessments).

Learn more about STARSkate

Note: sessions marked as “Open Session” are open to all levels of skaters. However, skaters who have not passed any STAR assessment (freestyle, dance, or skills) are required to skate with a coach at all times.

 Tests Required for Ice Sessions

Levels *



Two of these tests:

  • STAR 7 freestyle completed or
  • STAR 7 dance (all required dances) or
  • STAR 7 skating skills


STAR 5 freestyle completed and one of these two:

  • STAR 5 dance completed
  • STAR 5 skills


STAR 3 freestyle completed and one of these two:

  • STAR 3 dance completed
  • STAR 3 skills


No STAR assessment required

* No changes in level during mid-season.

Schedule and Fees

Additional charges apply:

  • Skate Canada membership Fee of $44 (if not previously paid for the 2019-20 regular season)
  • CSLFSC administrative fee of $10 (applicable to every registration and to every change in registration)
  • Second Club fee is 20% surcharge per session **

April 14 - June 25, 2020



Home Club Price


Adults only (over 18 yrs old, all levels)


13h30 - 16h00




16h00 - 17h00


Advanced inter & senior


17h00 - 18h10


Stretching & conditioning, junior & inter


17h10 - 18h10


Advanced stretching and conditioning, advanced inter & senior


18h25 - 19h25


Junior & inter


18h20 - 19h20





16h00 - 17h55



Adults only (over 18 yrs old, all levels)


13h30 - 15h45




16h00 - 17h00


Junior & inter


17h00 - 18h10


Advanced inter & senior


18h20 - 19h50


Stretching & conditioning, open


18h25 - 18h35



Stroking, junior, inter & senior


8h00 - 8h30


Advanced inter & senior


8h30 - 10h10


Ballet, junior & inter


9h05 - 10h05


Ballet, senior only


10h25 - 11h25


Junior & inter


10h20 - 11h50


Open * J 12h45 - 13h50 $63




8h00 - 10h00


Advanced inter & senior


10h10 - 12h10


Stretching & conditioning, open


10h15 - 11h15


Second Club Fee 20% surcharge per session **


* Skater Development Program skaters may practice in this session.

The Côte St. Luc arena will reopen the week of April 13.

Registration will begin the week of March 16.


Programs will be cancelled on the following dates:

May 2 and June 24, 2020.

Second Club Fee

** Second club skaters will be charged an additional 20% fee per session. Late registrations will not be prorated.

Other Fees

Punch cards are available for purchase from the music room/session supervisor. Unused portions from last Winter may be used until finished.

  • For home club skaters only:
    • extra on ice sessions at $12.00 per hour or $100.00 for 10 hours;
    • one session of stroking at $15.00, if places available;
  • For second club members:
    • extra on ice sessions at $14.00 per hour or $116.00 for 10 hours;
    • one session of stroking at $18.00, if places available;
  • For off-ice sessions, home club skaters only:
    • off-ice training sessions, stretching/conditioning: SC-A, B, C, and D at $12.00, if places available;
    • off-ice training sessions, ballet: BL-1, BL-2 at $12.00, if places available.

Visiting Coaches

Visiting coaches from other clubs who are planning to coach during ice time of CSLFSC may apply for permission to the club via e-mail: Please mention the sessions you plan to come to and include prove of certification.

Rules for the Ice Sessions

Rules for all Private Ice Skaters

It is important that all who use the ice know what is expected of them on each skating session. These basic procedures are established to help maintain order and to prevent accidents.  Session supervisors are all volunteers and deserve to be treated with respect.  Please be patient and polite at all times.

General Rules

  • Skaters should be at the arena ten minutes prior to the start of the session and ready on time.
  • No chewing gum, eating, or drinking is permitted on the ice by skaters or coaches.
  • No music players, cell phones, or similar devices are permitted while on the ice surface.
  • Skaters who fall must get up immediately. Never stand around idle.
  • Always be alert for other skaters while skating. When a skater's solo music is being played, avoid skating into the pattern of his or her program. Avoid interfering with dance patterns.
  • Skaters should not engage a professional in a conversation while a lesson is being given to another skater.
  • Conversations between skaters and professionals should take place along the boards.
  • Skaters must leave the ice immediately at the end of the session.
  • Personal belongings must be stored neatly in the cage. The last skater must lock up the cage.
  • Skaters may not overlap sessions. No extra ice time is permitted to warm up.
  • There is no exchange of sessions between registered skaters, siblings or substitutions by your coach.
  • For extra ice time sessions you must be a registered skater and it is only permitted if a session is not sold out.
  • Punch cards may be used or you may pay the hourly rate for a minimum of one hour of ice.
  • Guest skating available upon request in the spring.
  • Free Skating couples are not permitted at any time.
  • Dance couples are permitted, but they may practice only compulsory dances, with no lifts.

Combined Skating Session (Freestyle, Dance, Skills) Rules

  • During freestyle, spins should be performed in the centre of the ice; jumps should be made in the ends of the ice.
  • Solo music will only be played once per session, unless time permits it to be played again. Solo, Dance, and Skill music for lessons per lesson gets priority, but may never be played more than twice if another skater has made a request for music.
  • All first requests by skaters for music have priority over any second requests.
  • Semi-private lessons may have no more than 2 skaters.
  • Lessons may only be given by a Home Club authorized & registered or invited guest Pro, if Club rules are followed.